2012 Ford Raptor SVT – Bigger is Better

August 30, 2012

Ford was banking on the desert and race enthusiast crowd to launch their Raptor program. Not only did they sell more than they expected, Ford propelled their image back to the glory days. The ‘Built Ford Tough’ slogan has been ringing true with the successful launch of the Ford Raptor.  Ford had already increased the ante by coming out with supercrew version, a larger engine, and a whole slew of available accessories.  What I am still a bit confused by however is the branding technique that Ford is using. Is it a Ford Raptor SVT? Is is a Ford F-150 Raptor? Is it a F-150 SVT Raptor Edition? Well who the hell really knows, but regardless I am still very impressed with this vehicle and continuing to hear positive reviews helps Ford in the long run. I have driven a couple and do enjoy knowing that I could fly over the curb if I need to and don’t have to worry about whether or not I installed my after market suspension kit properly. Ford paid the millions of dollars to test and develop a surefire way to off road right from the dealership lot and not have to worry about being sued for the truck breaking in half!

At this point we can only speculate what the 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor will include, but we all know they will be increasing the output of the engine, increasing the horsepower and the mpg? Well maybe not the fuel economy, but I am hoping for a few extra inches of travel in the front and maybe a ham radio upgrade? What will you give us next Ford?

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