2013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Specs Pictures and Rumors

January 18, 2013

Its that time of the year again when we start talking about the new trucks that are rumored to be coming out next year. Well this time we are talking about the Ford Raptor. Ford has continued to surprise the public with its successful Ford Raptor line of the legendary F series. Skeptics thought that the market was too small for a off road ready, race ready, street legal truck, but Ford forged ahead and released it a few years back. Not only were the skeptics wrong, but Ford saw more demand for this new line that they had ever imagined. Living in Southern California, I see these things driving all over the roads! I hardly see them off road, but that is a different story!

For 2013 rumors are starting to pop up with new features and specifications for the Ford Raptor truck. It seems that some forums and blogs are beginning to stream photos of what we are led to believe as the concept truck. See the examples photos below:

2013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 62013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 72013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 42013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 32013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 22013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 52013 Ford Raptor SVT F-150 Spy Shot 1

What they are saying about the new design, and whats noticed from the photos are as follows:

  1. Less blocky front end
  2. Chrome slats that are reduced in size
  3. Grill design similar to the Harley Davidson Edition Ford F-150
  4. Different headlight quadrant design
  5. Possibility that the huge Ford Emblem is removed from the front grill (although one photo still shows it clearly beneath the tape)
  6. New side marker lights
  7. Computer upgrades for better slow speed off roading and rock crawling
  8. LED daytime running lights are shown in the other set of spy shots
  9. Heat seaters and coolers? (Were not sure about this one)
I’m not sure if you are into Skrillex or not, but the video below shows some high resolution pictures of the 2013 Ford Raptor. Its a red raptor that someone is washing on their driveway apparently. Its kind of a cool video/slideshow check it out below.

Also as an added bonus checkout this Ford Raptor that they claim is 630HP!! Wow someone must have some spare cash lying around huh!

And why not here is another cool video I found with Raptor’s that have long travel kits made by Brenthel. You might say the music was a poor choice in the video, but it is nicely made indeed!

Stay tuned for more info, specs, and pictures of the 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

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  • This is all great news for all Ford Raptor truck fans. It has great features if all these news spreading are all true. It also great that there are photos that might be the new look of the 2013 Ford. I hope for the best this could be the future Ford.

  • Emilia

    I love the feature of computer upgrades for better slow speed off roading and rock crawling, it means that riding this truck can be much safer. 🙂

  • Doug Killam

    Hey, Thanks for letting me write a comment to ya, I guess you can call me a want-a-be!!! I crushed my neck and back while on the job almost 5 yrs ago,and my boss fired me the very nect day, well four and a half years have gone by and it is coming to the end where i get a big pay off in the next few months. My question to all of you is, I really want to buy with my money a Ford Raptor SVT 2013, and then send it over to Hennessey to have it ramped up. Can i buy the Ford Raptor from a dealer and then have it go from there right to Hennessey. And from there have it shipped back home to me.

    • Jerrial Normand

      I imagine with enough money one can have just about anything done.But my advice is take it yourself save the money of shipping and it also gives them the impression that your not made of money even though you might be there’s no reason to let them know that.Also you you would save a lot of money on shipping charges. So look at it this way. I’m a guy who own’s a shop were we do upgrade’s. If I see a truck come in by shipment instead of the owner bringing it in himself I would get the impression that he has very deep pocket’s and I could charge him a lot more than if he was to bring it in himself. Just My Honest opinion.

      • Killamdoug

        Hey, thanks for getting back to me on the buying of the Ford Raptor, I’m sorry I came cross as if I had deep pockets and loaded with cash, in fact its just the opposite. It’s only a buy out and with the buy out I have to stretch that out over a life time. I was a hard worker pounding out the 70 your work weeks ski hear what your saying and again I wll take you up on your advice, just wasn’t sure on how it was done when . Buying the Raptor. I have no problem taking the truck there to get the Hennessey package take care and I wish you well with your shop

  • R L

    I love the front end of the 2010-12 raptor! I hope they dont change it because my family was going to buy a 2013.

    • Check out the new video I just posted here on the page. You can see how the front end is modified in the 2013 Raptor front end. What do you think of it? Is your family still going to get one do you think?