2024 Parker 400 Top Qualifiers: Justin Lofton and Bruce Binnquist 

January 12, 2024

The Parker 400 event of 2024 kicked off with Justin Lofton and Bruce Binnquist leading the qualifying rounds for the inaugural race of the UNLTD Off-Road Racing Series. Participants across diverse categories, including cars, trucks, and UTVs, tackled a seven-mile track to determine their starting positions for the upcoming races on Friday and Saturday.

Bruce Binnquist, competing in the pro UTV classes, delivered a remarkable performance, completing the course in 6:15.235. This achievement placed him significantly ahead of the nearest UTV Pro competitor, Michael McFayden, and also surpassed UTV Pro Open winner Chase Mankin by almost three seconds. Notably, Mankin’s 6:18.062 was faster than Brayden Baker’s winning time at the California 300. In UTV Pro Stock, Riley Binnquist secured the top spot with a time of 6:45.386, ranking 10th overall, while Doug MacLachlan led in the UTV Pro NA division.

justin lofton in his trophy truck

In the car and truck segment, 4WD Unlimited Truck racers dominated, with Lofton setting a blistering pace of 5:27.2730, significantly outpacing Cole Potts. In the Unlimited Truck 2WD category, Eric Hardin edged out Adam Householder by a mere fraction of a second, continuing their close rivalry from previous races.

Other notable qualifiers included Conner McMullen leading Class 1, Kyle Jergensen topping Unlimited Truck SPEC, and Greg Adler leading in Unlimited Truck Legends. Brody Aikins achieved the fastest time in Class 10.

Watch Travis Williams Prerun the 2024 Parker 400 from inside the cab.

Top qualifiers from 2024 Parker 400 Group 1 qualifying were as follows:

  1. P850 Bruce Binnquist, UTV Pro, 6:15.235
  2. PO999 Chase Mankin, UTV Pro Open, 6:18.062
  3. 977 Brayden Baker, UTV Pro Open, 6:20.932
  4. P938 Michael McFayden, UTV Pro, 6:32.271
  5. P963 Andrew Garvey, UTV Pro, 6:38.458

Top qualifiers from 2024 Parker 400 Group 2 qualifying were as follows:

  1. 41 Justin Lofton, Unlimited Truck (4WD), 5:27.230
  2. 60 Cole Potts, Unlimited Truck (4WD), 5:37.687
  3. 79 Eric Hardin, Unlimited Truck (2WD), 5:43.570
  4. 24 Adam Householder, Unlimited Truck (2WD), 5:44.028
  5. 18 Nic Whetstone, Unlimited Truck (2WD), 5:46.011

Fans can follow the live updates of the Parker 400 at www.unlimitedoffroadracing.com/live. The event continues with the Youth 1000 race at 8 AM on Friday, followed by the Limited Race at 9 AM, featuring Class 10, UTV Pro classes, and other limited car, truck, and UTV categories.

Justin Lofton holding awards for off road race norra 500 and mikes peak hill climb challenge
@justinlofton41 Showing some awards

Qualifying Information

Estimated Qualifying Course Distance: 7 Miles

Qualifying Start Interval: Single car off the line, every one 90 seconds.

Group 1 Classes (In order of class starting order):

UTV Pro Stock > UTV Pro NA > UTV Pro > Pro Open

Group 2 Classes (In order of class starting order):

Class 10 > Unlimited Truck SPEC > Class 1 > Class 1 Unlimited > Unlimited Truck Legends > Unlimited Truck (2WD & 4WD)

Please reference the Schedule of Events for start times.

Site Lap:

Each group will be given a guided site lap prior to the beginning of qualifying.

Qualifying Driver:

The driver who qualifies your vehicle must start the race on race day. The qualifying driver will be given an additional “Qualifying” wristband at onsite registration that must be worn during both qualifying and the start of your race. Any team that fails to have their banded qualifying driver at the start line will forfeit their start position and be moved to the rear.


A Co-Driver is required for both qualifying and race day.

Mechanical Issues During Run:

If you have a mechanical issue during your qualifying run, pull as far off the course as possible and notify race ops via the Weatherman Channel ASAP. DO NOT pull back on to the course or limp around to the finish as you may impede a qualifier behind you.

Additional Runs:

Drivers may be given an additional run if their qualifying run is affected by the driver ahead of them. If you have been held up on your lap, return to the Start line and notify race ops staff immediately. Granting a repeat run is at the discretion of the Race Operations Manager. Additional runs will not be given for mechanical failures.

Course Cutting:

You must remain on the marked course at all times. Departure from the qualifying course may result in disqualification and forfeiture of your qualifying position.

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