Baja Designs OnX Series – Premium Off Road LED Light Bars

May 4, 2015

I have tons of different brands of LED lights sitting around in my shop and attached to my vehicles. Baja Designs however blows me away time and time again with not only the quality and presentation of their parts and assemblies, but the impressive technology that goes into their products. The OnX Series of LED light bars by Baja Designs is a force to be reckoned with. Even the wiring harness feels like it is leagues ahead of its competitors. Every connection, switch, relay, and bundle is neatly packed, secured, and heat shrinked in all of the right places. Now that we have established that this is one bad ass looking and well made light, what else would you like to know about it? Oh yes, how bright is it!?

The OnX light bar I have really blows all of the Chinese leds I have out of the sky. The VisionX and Rigid lights are obviously brighter than the Chinese lights as well, but my new Baja Designs light simply beats them all. It is definitely much brighter, covers a better area of illumination and does not overly light a small area of the road. The light distribution of this new model is incredible. I have taken off my 33″ Chinese light bar and 10″ VisionX in favor of the 15″ OnX Pro Series.

Crystal clear view of the LEDsLarge heatsink style body keeps the light cool.15LED light bar relay by Hellaheat shrinked terminalsConnectors LED light bar.led momentary switchLED Light SwitchWiring harness overview shot.Packaging the lightbar came in.Baja Designs 1515Female end of the waterproof plug for the lightbar.

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