Big Block Ford Ranger Luxury Prerunner Going Airborn!

October 3, 2023

The allure of high-performance vehicles and the thrill of off-road adventures often converge in one incredible package: the prerunner truck. On a crisp day in Hesperia, I had the incredible opportunity to delve deep into the world of these trucks with Rob of RJ Fab. Our meeting turned into an exhilarating ride that left me both terrified and utterly awestruck. Here’s what went down:

Rob’s tale of how he came to possess his Ranger is nothing short of serendipity. While casually dining with his brother-in-law, he mentioned wanting to build a Ranger. To his surprise, his brother-in-law handed him the keys to his old work truck, saying, “Drive this home. It’s yours.” This seemingly ordinary truck was transformed over the next four and a half years into the beast it is today.

Although the original Ranger’s frame and cab remain, Rob’s alterations are extensive. The big black Chevy engine that sits proudly in the truck wasn’t the initial choice, but after some convincing, it found its home there. This isn’t your standard engine either; it’s a mark IV old-school big block Chevy with a robust design.

The prerunner’s design showcases RJ Fab’s craftsmanship. Equipped with Fox shocks, 20 inches of travel in the front, and 28 inches of travel in the rear, it’s a testament to their expertise. They’ve ingeniously incorporated drag race elements like the drag shifter, making shifting feel like working with a sequential.

The interior, or “the office” as Rob fondly calls it, is as mesmerizing as the exterior. It’s lined with lizard skin to ensure both soundproofing and heat resistance, ensuring the ride is always comfortable. From its aluminum dash to its Corbeau Baja XP seats adorned with the RJ Fab logo, every detail screams luxury.

However, the real magic unfolded when Rob and I hit the trail. The sheer power and agility of the prerunner were palpable, each turn and jump giving me an adrenaline rush I’d never felt before. As we tore through the dirt, the environment blurred, the roar of the engine echoing in my ears. But the adventure was interrupted by a local who reminded us about the off-road regulations. Rob, always respectful, heeded the warning but ensured we found a spot to continue our thrilling ride.

The day wrapped up with my heart still racing from the adventure, a mix of exhilaration, terror, and utter amazement. Rob’s passion for building and his expertise in designing these masterpieces were evident in every twist and turn of our journey.

Prerunner trucks, especially when crafted with such dedication and expertise, offer an unparalleled off-road experience. I left Hesperia that day with a newfound respect for these machines and the artisans like Rob who breathe life into them. For those seeking the ultimate off-road adventure, a prerunner truck might just be your ticket to an unforgettable ride.

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