DiRT 4 Trailer for 2017 Released for Off Road Video Game

March 7, 2018

The popular DiRT off road racing video game is slated to release DiRT 4 on June 9th, 2017. Unlike the original DiRT game with a very limited number of vehicles the latest release boasts over 50 vehicles ranging from new rally cars and buggys to trophy trucks and even older vehicle models. The Ford Fiesta R5, WRX STI NR4, Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 are amoung some of the newer cars added to the game. Codemasters, the developers of the video game are hoping the expanded reach of the game away from specific racing vehicles will add to the fun.

Various game play modes such as rally, rallycross, and landrush should provide a more exciting game. Landrush will have races in CA, NV and Mexico using Buggies, Trophy Trucks, and CrossKart vehicles. There is also a new system to generate new rally racing routes so that you can race an unlimited number of different ways. The generator will let you set the length, complexity, weather, time and location and deliver a unique track to race. This new feature should keep gamers entertained!

Like all racing games music is important which is why Codemasters has released a partial track listing to get us excited, here are some of the bands that will have songs included:

  1. The Amazons
  2. Sigma
  3. Freak and Pretty Vicious
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Disclosure
  6. Queens of the Stone Age
  7. Bastille
  8. Grace Potter

DiRT 4 will be released on PC this year as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Get your fingers warmed up for this intense off road game because it will be here sooner than you think. If you think you may want to get into racing someday might as well get really good at this game first right?

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