Ford Raptor SVT VelociRaptor 575 – Jesse James

August 30, 2012

Some would say Jesse James has had it all; the baddest choppers you could imagine, his own restaurant, tons of sick cars, and to top it off Sandra Bullock (used to that is). Well you might ask, why not get another bad ass toy to add to the collection. Recently we highlighted Ken Block’s matte black Raptor, but really all his smooth vinyl graphics did was add some bad ass visual appeal. Leave it to Jesse James to worry about what is under the hood instead. Raptors come stock from the factory pretty fast, but send it over to Hennessy and what you get back will blow your socks right off. Hennessy adds a centrifugal supercharger, air to air intercooler, high flow air filter and performance fuel injector, to increase the final output to 575 horsepower and 542 ft-lbs of torque. Its pretty cool that Jesse James has one but I know everyone else is asking how do I get 575 horsepower in my truck?! Well the answer is simple, fork over $10,950 to Hennessy and wait a few weeks. They will even put a custom badge with serial to identify that your truck has had the royal treatment! Well what if you would rather have that super charger polished? Just add $600 to the tag and impress your friends even more! Check out the footage below and start sending letters to the North Pole now, because the elves are going to have a lot of shipping to do back and forth between Texas and the arctic circle.


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