Ford Raptor vs. Mars Curiosity Rover Infographic

October 16, 2012

The recent landing on Mars has brought a lot of excitement and disbelief to many Americans. The United States has successfully landed a vehicle on the planet Mars, to do some serious off roading. Should we prepare ourselves for the Mars 1000 next November? Well as we all know NASA and JPL have a lot more in mind for their time on Mars than simply taking the rover out in the dunes. Ford was trying to convince NASA to send up a new 2013 Ford Raptor to drive around on Mars, but I guess they werent able to pull it off. Instead Ford created this creative and funny infographic to explain the differences between the Ford Raptor and the Mars Curiosity Rover. Check it out below!! Its really quite interesting to note the travel time between the two vehicles. Looks like the Rover has a bit of an edge on the Raptor, although there is not room for 5 passengers on Mars, so if you are planning a trip make sure to bring your own seat!

Ford Raptor vs. Mars Rover Infographic


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