Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack and Base Plate for Offroad

October 28, 2013

I was recently doing some browsing for off road products and found an accessory for the Hi-Lift Jack that all off road enthusiasts know and love. Its a $35 base plate that gives you extra support at the base of the jack when you are in the mud or sand or some kind of terrain that is not conducive to receiving the entire weight of your vehicle. While I had seen these in the backs of trucks before I had really never taken note of them before. I thought it would be a good idea to post about it and while looking at Hi-Lift I discovered they have an enormous amount of accessories for their core product, the jack! Who knew they also made portable sledge hammers and axes!?

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In case you are not familiar with Hi-Lift Jacks, I am going to provide a brief summary of why they are so great, and everyone that off roads should have one! First of all if you truck is lifted chances are your standard jack will not be able to lift your vehicle off the ground far enough to get the tire off. They come in different sizes, but the X-Treme version which is my favorite can be purchased in 48″ or 60″ lengths. The jack itself weighs about 30lbs (which can help keep your rear tires on the ground more for my prerunner friends) and has a low pickup of 4-1/2 inches.

Hi-Lift Jack Specifications

  • Approximate weight: 30lbs (14 kg)
  • 4,660 lbs (2113.74 kg) rated capacity
  • Tested capacity 7,000 lbs.
  • Climbing pins of specially processed steel with 125,000 PSI tensile strength and 100,000 PSI yield.
  • Steel bar is manufactured of specially rolled extra high carbon steel with 80,000 pound minimum tensile & carbon .69 to .82.
  • Steel handle of 14gauge high-yield structural tubing with minimum yield of 55,000 PSI. 1 5/16″ diameter x 30″ long
  • Every Jack comes complete with an adjustable top clamp/clevis for use in clamping and winching.
  • Safety bolt is designed to shear at 7,000 lbs. (3175 kg)
  • For speedy disengaging, lifting unit automatically drops away when load is removed.
  • 4 1/2″ (11cm) long lifting nose for positive contact with load.
  • Steel bar can be reversed for extra long life.
  • 28 square inch base plate.

What I love about these things though is that they are so versatile. The pictures below show how you can use them as a come-along for winching as well. What a great tool to have in your truck. There is also a a heavy duty chain and hook that you can use to lift your vehicle by the bumper or really any sturdy part you may have. 

The Lift Mate offers you the ability to jack up the entire wheel. This could be useful for many reasons when your stuck in the middle of nowhere and running into problems. Have you heard enough? Hop on over and buy one for yourself!

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