Want to Race an Off Road Race Truck in a Pro-Series Comp?

August 30, 2012

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing is announcing a program aimed at getting the adrenaline fueled off road racing fans a chance behind the wheel. For the small payment of $7,500 you are provided with a truck, a full race team and all the amenities. But you want to race for the entire season right?? Yea that’s what I thought, well for a measly $52,500 you can be the driver for an entire season. The whole package is called the Speed Technologies’ Arrive and Drive rental program. You actually get to race in the event in a full track ready truck.

So this program is obviously appealing to the more fortunate in the financial sector, but if you can somehow scrape up the required dough, you will be featured in the Lucus Oil Off Road Racing television coverage as well. T

here is only one catch, you need to get a special license from Lucus to drive in the series. How much is that license?? well lucky for you its only $150. I guess they know that you have already emptied your piggy bank to participate so there hooking it up on this one!!