World Rally Raid Championship 2024 Race Schedule

January 6, 2024

The World Rally-Raid Championship (W2RC) has recently announced its exciting calendar for the 2024 season, marking the third iteration of the FIA-FIM World Rally-Raid Championship. This upcoming season is set to maintain the successful format of the previous years while adding some intriguing new twists to the competition.

In 2024, the W2RC will feature five races spread across four continents, showcasing the global appeal and diverse challenges of rally-raid racing. The calendar kicks off with the iconic Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, continuing the tradition of this legendary event which tests the endurance and skill of the competitors in one of the most challenging terrains.

w2rc race calendar for 2024

Following the Dakar, the action moves to the United Arab Emirates for the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (ADDC). This race is renowned for its demanding desert conditions and is a staple in the rally-raid circuit, offering a unique challenge with its expansive sand dunes and extreme temperatures.

The championship then takes a turn to Europe with the BP Ultimate Rally-Raid Transibérico, which traverses the picturesque yet challenging landscapes of Portugal and Spain. This European round adds a different dimension to the championship, with its narrow and demanding rural tracks providing a contrast to the desert stages.

The caravan then heads to Latin America for the DesafĂ­o Ruta 40, a race that has established itself as a key part of the championship. Held in Argentina, it offers diverse desert stages alongside the famous Ruta Nacional 40, testing the racers’ adaptability to varying conditions.

The season concludes in Africa with the Rallye du Maroc. This event is deeply rooted in the history of rally-raid and is known for its demanding dunes, rocky terrain, and complex navigation challenges. Morocco, often regarded as the cradle of the sport, provides a fitting backdrop for the final showdown and the crowning of the season’s champions.

This well-rounded calendar promises to deliver an enthralling season, with each event bringing its unique challenges and characteristics. The blend of classic races and new additions underlines the W2RC’s commitment to celebrate the rich heritage of rally-raid while also evolving to provide fresh challenges to the competitors. Fans of motorsport can look forward to a season filled with high-octane action, strategic gameplay, and breathtaking landscapes as the W2RC continues to push the boundaries of off-road racing.

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